A Local’s Guide on Things to Do in Hood River, Oregon

A Local’s Guide on Things to Do in Hood River, Oregon

The Pacific Northwest is an outdoor enthusiast’s dream, whether you wish to summit tall mountains, go white water rafting, or explore one of the many majestic caves. Your local Hood River realtor, Julie Gilbert, provides a list of some great ways to spend your time here in Hood River, Oregon.

1. Visit the Columbia River Gorge

Named the largest National Scenic Area in the country, the Columbia River Gorge has enough activities to fill a day or two. Take a hike up one of the mountains which the river winds between, scout for stunning wildflowers in the spring, take a spin at rafting or kayaking, or snap a photo at one of the picturesque waterfalls. You can even try your hand at one sport in particular–Hood River is referred to as the Windsurfing Capital of the World.

2. Climb Mt. Hood

Standing as the tallest mountain in Oregon, Mt. Hood is actually a stratovolcano that hasn’t erupted in over 150 years. It is a breathtaking sight to behold even from a distance, but if you’re feeling adventurous and wish to get a bit closer, this historic site offers plenty of trails for hiking, camping, and even skiing in the winter months. For a more relaxed approach, toss a line into the water to fish or enjoy a scenic walk on one of their more mild trails.

3. Stroll through downtown Hood River

One of the simplest Hood River activities is also one of the most fun–enjoying the small businesses that make the city unique! When you take a stroll through downtown, you’ll be met with the dazzling aromas emanating from the nearby eateries (such as the highly-rated Celilio Restaurant and Bar), enticed by the decorated storefronts of the shops and boutiques, or lured into the galleries featuring beautiful works by the talented hometown artists. Downtown is also home to several wineries and breweries so you can sample some of the best local flavors that Hood River has to offer.

4. Take a ride on the Mount Hood Railroad

For something that takes up only half of the day, consider trying out the Mount Hood Railroad. The roundtrip journey, including the 60-minute layover at the The Fruit Company for food and beverage, clocks in at around three hours in total as you traverse through the lower fork of the river. There are also seasonal trains around Easter and Christmas which will feature decorations in the cars as well as themed activities and interactive characters!

5. Visit the Western Antique Aeroplane & Automobile Museum

Living in Hood River will never leave you bored with the options of things to do, but this next one is certainly one-of-a-kind. At the Western Antique Aeroplane & Automobile Museum, you’ll find one of the largest collections of vintage planes and cars that are still in operation. There’s over 100 vehicles on display, including motorcycles, tractors, and military vehicles. If you really would like to get involved, they offer plenty of events, including driving lessons in classic cars!

6. Shop at the Hood River Farmers Market

Another great way to become acquainted with your new city is to try out the food sourced from just next door! The Hood River Farmers Market happens every Saturday and features over 50 vendors. You’ll find apothecaries, handmade jewelry, furniture, artwork, teas, fresh food, and more. Bring the family and the pets to enjoy a beautiful stroll outside while also supporting your community. It’s not only a fun way to spend your time, but a great way to get involved and meet some of the locals.

7. Relax at Equilibria Wellness

Making time to relax amidst our busy lives can be a major challenge for most people, but the healers at Equilibria Wellness are here to help take that burden away. This center goes above and beyond just your typical spa or massage and focuses not just on body work, but on mind and soul work, too. Whether you meet with them to design a customized massage based on your needs, sit through a guided meditation during one of their emotional healing sessions, or take advantage of one of their energy medicine techniques, you’re sure to leave feeling completely at peace and refreshed.

8. Explore the Hood River Fruit Loop

While it may bring to mind a popular breakfast cereal, the Hood River Fruit Loop is actually a 35-mile scenic route filled with an array of spots to stop and experience the nearly 15,000 acres of local agriculture. There are 28 fruit stands along the way where travelers can stop by and purchase some freshly-picked fruits and vegetables, as well as craft breweries, wineries, and cider stands for the adults. Some of the orchards even allow for self-picking, so bring along an appetite and a reusable bag to pick apples, pears, and even fresh lavender.

9. Have a taste at Phelps Creek Vineyard

Oregon has a vast and beautiful wine country, so there’s plenty of vineyards to stop at to enjoy a wine tasting tour. One worth highlighting is Phelps Creek Vineyard, which has been around for over 30 years and sits with a picturesque view of Mt. Hood. The vineyard is open daily for tastings and even features a jazz night every Thursday. There’s a cafe for light bites, designated picnic areas if you’d like to bring your own lunch, and tastings that are held in a lavender patch to make your experience one for relaxing and unwinding.

10. Learn about the area at the History Museum of Hood River County

Of all the things to do in Hood River, what better way to get to know the town than through its own history? From collections of photos that offer a snapshot into the past, to specialized exhibits highlighting some of the pioneering citizens that make the city great, The History Museum of Hood River County is the perfect place to scratch the surface of how Hood River came to be. There are guided tours of the museum itself, and they even host walking tours of downtown Hood River where local experts can engage you in stories of the city’s origins.

While this list only offers a glimpse of all the Hood River attractions, you can bet that there are even more gems to be discovered! Reach out to your local realtor Julie Gilbert to get an even more comprehensive list of great ways to spend time in your new hometown.

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