Best Restaurants in Hood River

Best Restaurants in Hood River

Nestled in the breathtaking Columbia River Gorge, Hood River stands as a culinary haven, boasting an array of eateries that reflect the region's vibrant flavors and diverse culinary heritage. From wood-fired pizzas to authentic Mexican tacos, and Nordic brunches to farm-inspired cuisine, the dining scene in Hood River offers something to tantalize every palate. Join Julie Gilbert on a gastronomic journey as she explores the best restaurants in Hood River, where passion meets innovation and each bite tells a story of local sourcing, culinary craftsmanship, and community spirit.

Solstice Wood Fire Pizza - Cafe & Bar

Indulge in the art of wood-fired pizza paired with innovative cocktails and seasonal small plates at Solstice. Their culinary prowess brings together the rich flavors of handcrafted pizzas kissed by the wood fire, complemented by an array of creative cocktails. Whether you're savoring a classic margherita or diving into adventurous flavor combinations, each dish tells a story of culinary passion and seasonal bounty. Step into Solstice for a dining experience that harmonizes tradition with creativity, where every bite is a celebration of artisanal craftsmanship and seasonal ingredients.


Executive Chef Mark DeResta's culinary journey through the Columbia River Gorge unfolds with each dish at Riverside. With a commitment to regional authenticity, Riverside sources its ingredients from local farmers and purveyors, crafting a menu that reflects the flavors and stories of the Gorge. Mark's dedication to Slow Food values and his Italian heritage infuse every dish with depth and creativity. As a cornerstone of the local food economy, Riverside honors the land and its growers, offering diners a culinary voyage through Hood River's diverse terroir with each meticulously crafted plate.

Crush Cider Café

At Crush Cider Café, the marriage of creative cider flavors and authentic Mexican cuisine tantalizes the taste buds. With a focus on Crush Cider brand and local favorites, paired with a curated Mexican menu, this café offers a unique culinary experience. Sip on artisanal ciders while savoring the bold flavors of traditional Mexican dishes, each bite a fusion of innovation and heritage. Whether you're craving a crisp cider or a spicy taco, Crush Cider Café invites you to explore the vibrant tapestry of flavors that define the Pacific Northwest culinary scene.

Lake Taco

Embark on a journey through the vibrant flavors of Mexico at Lake Taco. With a dedication to authenticity, Lake Taco crafts each dish using traditional recipes and fresh, locally sourced ingredients. From succulent meats to homemade sauces, every element reflects the rich tapestry of Mexican cuisine. Whether you're a fan of classic favorites or eager to explore new flavors, Lake Taco offers a diverse menu of tacos that promises to satisfy every craving. Come experience the warmth and hospitality of Mexico right in the heart of Oregon at Lake Taco.

Celilo Restaurant & Bar

Nestled in downtown Hood River, Celilo Restaurant & Bar epitomizes the essence of Pacific Northwest cuisine. With a commitment to sustainability and local sourcing, Celilo crafts a menu that pays homage to the region's bounty. From foraged ingredients to locally raised meats, each dish showcases the freshest flavors of the Pacific Northwest. Step into Celilo's woodsy-chic ambiance and embark on a culinary journey that celebrates the connection between food, land, and community.

Broder Øst

Transport yourself to the heart of Scandinavia with Portland's premier Nordic brunch at Broder Øst. Set in the Historic Hood River Hotel, this culinary gem serves up traditional Scandinavian dishes with love and authenticity. Indulge in Danish pancakes, Norwegian potato crêpes, Swedish meatballs, and more, all highlighting the bounty of the Gorge. Whether you're a brunch enthusiast or a connoisseur of Nordic cuisine, Broder Øst invites you to savor the flavors of Scandinavia in the heart of Hood River.

Pine Street Bakery

Experience the warmth of home at Pine Street Bakery, where every bite tells a story of community and craftsmanship. Founded by Megan Davis, this local bakery serves up a tantalizing array of baked goods and seasonal dishes, sourced from the freshest local ingredients. From hot muffins to hearty breakfast burritos, Pine Street Bakery offers a cozy neighborhood vibe that welcomes both friends and strangers alike. Come for the food, stay for the hospitality, and discover the joy of simple pleasures at Pine Street Bakery.

Empanadas Maria Elba

Embark on a culinary journey to Chile with Empanadas Maria Elba, where tradition and flavor unite in every bite. Founded on the legacy of grandmother Maria Elba's cherished recipes, this family-run establishment brings the authentic taste of Chile to Oregon. From savory fillings to flaky pastry, each empanada is a tribute to Chilean culinary heritage. Whether you're a longtime aficionado or a newcomer to Chilean cuisine, Empanadas Maria Elba invites you to savor the flavors of tradition and hospitality, one bite at a time.

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Hood River's culinary landscape offers a delightful blend of tradition, innovation, and community spirit. From the farm-to-table fare of Celilo Restaurant & Bar to the authentic flavors of Empanadas Maria Elba, each establishment invites diners on a journey of taste and discovery. Whether indulging in wood-fired pizzas at Solstice or savoring Scandinavian delights at Broder Øst, visitors to Hood River are treated to an unforgettable dining experience. As the vibrant heart of the Columbia River Gorge, this charming town continues to delight food enthusiasts with its rich culinary tapestry, making it a must-visit destination for gastronomes near and far.

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